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Love Notes From AE Brides

"AE was recommended to me by a bride on Facebook! I live in Sonoma county and had already visited 2 local bridal shops. I didn’t find any luck there as they had little to no “bigger” sizes to try on and I felt rushed to make a decision at both locations. I was really discouraged to continue searching for the dress because of my experiences at those shops, but I felt hopeful about AE. When I got to AE, Michaela genuinely listened to what I was looking for and she determined to make this a fun, positive experience! She was so sweet and patient with me! I felt like I could talk to her like a friend and she was also very sweet with my family! I cried when I tried on THE dress as I did not expect to love it as much as I did. Michaela let me walk around the store in it and accessorized it with a veil and then I fell even more in love!! I am so happy with my decision and can’t wait to come back to pick up my dress!!"

Jennifer Moreno

"Always Elegant Bridal exceeded my dress shopping expectations in every way! I was honored to have AE Owner, Bree, as my stylist in Yuba City. She made sure to accommodate my party, even when faced with COVID-19 restrictions, and made it a safe and fun experience for all. She was very prepared and knowledgeable, genuinely listened to what I was looking for in a dress, did not pressure me through any part of the process, and was extremely patient when I took my time to say “Yes to the Dress”! Finding “the one” on my very first visit would not have been possible without the amazing team at AE Bridal. Thank you all!"

Mackenzie Gomes

"I felt cared for the moment I walked in the door. I was greeted warmly, and we discussed my wedding vision and hopes for a dress. The staff was very helpful in refining my vague ideas into clear style choices, asked all the right questions, and most importantly they were honest about any potential difficulties they foresaw in ordering my dress. The stylist was so knowledgeable about the selection of dresses in stock, and she really listened to what I did and did not like with each dress we tried. Eventually, she helped me narrow it down to my final decision, and put together the whole look–which really made it all become real for me! They were not pushy with making a sale, and allowed my mother and I to talk it over during lunch. When we came back, we were confident and excited to follow though with the dress. I am so relieved I had the AE staff there to help me with such a big decision! They are all quality, though and though. Thank you!!"

Laura Dupont

"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I came into AE Bridal and was welcomed with warm smiles by all of the girls. I worked with Mary, and she was so helpful and patient with me and my family. She made all of my nerves and worries about finding the right dress disappear and helped me confidently pick the dress of my dreams. I look forward to future experiences at AE throughout my wedding planning."

Alexis Aguirre

"I had been shopping for a little while for dresses and was beginning to feel a bit discouraged because I hadn’t found a dress yet. We had traveled out of town to go dress shopping and, after another unsuccessful trip, my Mother In Law said to stop somewhere on our way home. It was already late in the day, but Always Elegant Bridal was happy to take me in as their last appointment! Jen was our stylist and she was absolutely amazing. She really listened to what I liked and didn’t like, and Gabby was also a great help too. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and thoughtfulness as you helped me*finally* find my dress! Great experience, will definitely recommend!"

Kellie Felkins

"I had an awesome experience at Always Elegant Bridal. I’m not sure why, but I was super nervous going in. I guess I was kind of scared I wasn’t going to find a dress. Gabby greeted us, asked about my budget, and then picked out some amazing dresses for me to try on. She made me feel really comfortable, didn’t rush me, and knew all the right questions to ask. I am so happy to say I found my dress. It made me ten times more excited for my wedding day. Thank you!"

Jennifer Steele