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Day Of Wedding Service


Dressing for your big day can be exciting and daunting. We offer day-of wedding dressing service that includes a dedicated stylist to steam your gown and help you affix your corset, buttons, bows, and tie your bustle perfectly so that you can dance the night away without a care in the world.


Your investment starts at $200 for two hours of service. Contact us for more information and to book this service.


Request An Appointment




We understand finding the right person to complete your wedding day fit can be overwhelming. We currently refer to four very talented and compassionate ladies for alterations and to make it easy, they will meet you here in our store for your appointments!


Please call or email Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo for gown cleaning and preservation rates – (530) 755‑4282 for Yuba City or (530) 487‑7110 for Chico.


Steaming & Pressings


We want your dress to be perfect for your day! If you are an #AEBridalbabe, this service is complementary to you! We more than likely already have this scheduled for you, but just in case, please call or email us to schedule your “steaming & pressings” –(530) 755‑4282 for Yuba City or(530) 487‑7110  for Chico.


If you purchased your dress at another shop or online, this service is for you. We will still love on you and get your dress looking perfect. The cost on this service can vary due to style and detail of your dress. Please call us for gown steaming & cleaning rates – (530) 755‑4282 for Yuba City or (530) 487‑7110  for Chico.


Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

 Clean & Protect Your Most Cherished Memory With A| E Bridal


Ensure it’s yours to have and to hold forever. From the most delicate beading to the toughest stains, our preservation process ensures your wedding gown is kept in pristine condition for generations to come. In fact, we guarantee it with a lifetime warranty. Our experts inspect every gown to determine the best method of stain removal to properly clean your cherished garment. Red wine, oil and other stains can be removed using our proprietary pre-spotting techniques. Each gown is inspected prior to cleaning, after cleaning, and at each step of the preservation process, making every attempt to remove all stains so that your garment will be safely stored for future generations. After preserving your gown, we package it in a storage box customized to guarantee your gown will not yellow or oxidize, retaining its value and preserving it for years to come. Keep your dress in pristine condition with expert cleaning and museum-quality preservation with Always Elegant Bridal. Simply drop it off and our staff will take it from there! Your bridal gown will be layered with acid-free tissue and carefully folded into an acid-free, museum-quality, archival wedding chest with a clear window for viewing.


Please call or email Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo for gown cleaning and preservation rates – (530) 755‑4282 for Yuba City or (530) 487‑7110  for Chico.