I love when I find a DIY project and it is something that anyone can do. So I had share this fun and creative project to you this morning. This would make a great accent piece on a bridal or bridesmaids dress. You could even make it a corsage or even a hair accessory. Thanks to Project Weddings for this fabulous DIY project. I think I might try it in my spare time….if I can find any. DIY: Gorgeous Chiffon and Tulle Flowers

Step1To make a stencil first free hand a rose petal shape and cut out. Then retrace it five times on a larger sheet of paper to create a full flower shape. This will help you get an even pattern. Cut out pattern.

Step 2 Take some fabric and fold it into a square a little larger than your flower pattern. Pin the pattern to fabric and carefully cut it out. Repeat this process until you have enough layers to make a full flower – the number of layers will vary depending on the weight of your fabrics and the size of your flower. The example shown here uses approximately 26 layers.

Step 3Stack flower cut outs, alternating fabric types and staggering petals. Use a needle and thread to secure them together at the center.

Step 4Pinch together the center of the flower (from the bottom) and secure with stitches to create volume and give the flower and authentic shape.

Step5If desired you can sew decorative beads in the inside center of the flower. 
a vision by Jodi Leigh Designs