The Couple: Jill & Wes Hudgins
Wedding Date: July 20, 2012


Tell us a little about you and your beloved: On our wedding website-they had our siblings wrote about each of us, which I will share on here).Where do you start when you are talking about your older sister Jill? I guess from the beginning. As kids, Jill was the epitome of the older sister. She would plan activities for us, she would create fun games and skits and performances. She would set the rules, change the rules and break the rules. She was happy and fun and loving. She always tried to be the toughie. She loved sticking up for Katie and I and still to this day, she protects us from anyone that might hurt or disappoint us. We moved to various places as kids, and as soon as we ended up in San Diego it became her home. She loved her school, her friends, the beach, the weather…you name it, she loved it. When we moved to Granite Bay we always knew that she would move back to San Diego some day. In high school she was a social butterfly and got along with everyone. She was one of the “popular” girls and always was busy with something. As we continued to grow up together, we continued to get closer and closer. Jill moved back down to San Diego and began additional schooling and working. Jill is so independent and focused.
She knows what she wants and she will work hard to achieve her goals. When her and Wes met, we all were excited to meet this mystery man and get to know him. With us all being so far apart it was a little while until we were able to meet him. They seemed like a great match. He always makes her laugh and I don’t think I have met a guy who can keep up with Jill’s energy…and Wes can. As their relationship continued, Jill seemed to be so happy and really falling for Wes. We continued to get to know Wes and their relationship and they are seriously two peas in a pod. They are so great together and we are so excited that they are getting married. Jill is such a caring, sweet and thoughtful sister. She is always concerned with others feelings and wants everyone to get along and be happy. She is always willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of others. She is constantly laughing and making funny comments and
jokes. She makes life light and fun and is always looking for the good
in others. She has become one of my best friends and my life would be incomplete without her. Wes is a very lucky man to have such a loving person become his wife. Love, Kelly & Katie (Sister’s of the Bride)


Thinking about Wes as a small boy always makes me laugh.  He was a
fireball with wild blond curly hair and his little legs never stopped
moving.  Wes and I grew up in the country and we spent most our
childhood outdoors, I on my bike or playing with pets and my brother
chasing down various wild animals or digging large holes in the dirt.
He is very athletic and was always good at any sport he tried.  As he
grew older and we moved into a neighborhood I remember watching him walking up and down our street with all of the neighborhood children following him like the Pied Piper.  Since a young age, people just want to be around Wes.  He is fun, charismatic and one of the most caring people you will ever meet.  He would do anything for his
friends and family.  As his protective older sister I didn’t want to
like any of his girlfriends, but I couldn’t help but adore Jill the
first time I met her.  She and Wes seem to always be having fun
together.  They are that "golden couple" that shine around each other. I am so happy that my little brother has found such a perfect
partner.  I can’t wait to see what wonderful adventures their life
together brings and I wish them both peace and love in their journey.
All my love, Elizabeth (Sister of the Groom)


Any advice you’d give our readers who are planning their weddings
right now? The entire wedding process is the BEST experience! Here’s a list of "must-do’s" that helped me through our wedding planning!

1. Speak up during this entire planning process! The more it reflects
the tastes of you and your groom, the happier you’ll both be. Also,
don’t get overwhelmed by the – ahem – good intentions of pushy family and friends. Everyone will have an opinion about your wedding; the only one that counts is your own.
2. Beautiful dress. Go to multiple bridal boutiques/ shops before you
say “yes to the dress!” Come prepared with pictures of what type of
look and dress you’re going for. Keep an open mind if your mom,
sister’s or best friends want you to try something different. You
never know! Also, don’t skip on the alterations. You definitely want
to ensure a proper fit.
3. Most brides are on a budget, but cheaper is not always better. Stay with personal and reliable referrals/vendors.
4. Always, always, always double-check all contracts before signing
anything. (Hidden fees, certain # of guests allowed, etc.). Ask lots
of questions to all vendors, schedule appt.’s in advance, and always
follow-up with them. To help organize, create a wedding binder to
piece apart all wedding details.

5. Create a wedding site for all guests to refer to. (Precise
directions and times to ceremony and reception, registry, hotel
accommodations (wedding room block), “extra” travel fun information
about the town/city) etc. The more information the better!
6. Make a very detailed Itinerary for the BIG day for ALL Bride,
Groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, both set of parents, all vendors
(bridesmaids arrive time, makeup/hair times, arriving at venue time,
grooms etc.)
7. Incorporate sufficient time to take pictures. Make a list of “must
have” shots for the photographer, & videographer.
RW2_2454 8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. No matter how meticulously you plan
for it, accept that something might go wrong at your wedding. And you know what? It doesn’t matter.  Brush it off and at the end of the day; Just remember, you’re getting married!!! Happily Ever After!
*Your favorite part of wedding planning? I can’t just pick one thing
because everything is my favorite, just for different reasons. All the
little details that lead up to the BIG day, bachelorette party (all
your best girlfriends ALL together-can’t get better than that!), my
hubby and I practicing our 1st dance as hubby and wife in our living
room, my Daddy and I had a surprise wedding dance (so much fun), my list contines…


Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the
chance? Not one thing!


Ceremony Site: Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla
Reception Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla
Photographer: Robin Wood
Videographer: Rafael Pires
Wedding Planner: Jill Hudgins,Kelly Fagan McElroy, & Whitney Lichtl
Caterer: Behind The Scenes Catering
Cake: Behind The Scenes Catering
Flowers: Flowerhill Florals-Deborah Kernes
Favors: Candy Bar-"Love is Sweet"
Wedding Dress: Always Elegant Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstroms
Hair: Tiffany Monday exquisite beauty for the exqusite bride-Brenna-Lyn Bidegain
Makeup: Tiffany Monday exquisite beauty for the exqusite bride-Samantha Muleady
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas & American Wedding
DJ/Entertainment/Band: Edward Hernandez-"DJ Sachamo"
Honeymoon Location: Bahamas
First Dance Song: Keith Urban-"My Everything"