Aaron and I knew right away that this was "it"! We are pretty opposite of one another. He is laid back and easy going and I tend to be a worrywart. However, we bring out the best in one another and balance each other beautifully.Christofic-482  We work hard at our relationship. We make sure that we make time for our family and friends, and most importantly our daughter and each other. We have a really strong circle of people around us that lift us up as a couple.  At the end of the day, we are best friends who happen to be very much in love.

Christofic-303 I really only have two regrets, but they are biggies! One is that we didn’t hire a videographer. It wasn’t as popular at the time and I completely overlooked that detail. As a bride, you are so busy the day of your wedding, being pulled in a million different directions, and the day goes by in warp speed! I can hardly remember parts of it! And photographs only tell a certain amount of the story.


My other regret goes hand in hand with the first one. I didn’t hire a wedding planner. And if I had, I probably wouldn’t have overlooked a videographer and someone else would have been handling the situations that are sure to arise with a wedding. Also I think that there were a lot of little things that we cut corners on in order to save money. I think that a wedding planner would have helped us create the perfect wedding but also helped us use our money in the most effective way. Looking back I think we spent a lot of money that we didn’t need to. If I had it to do all over again, I would spend whatever I needed to in order to have peace of mind and a video that we could show our children. 

Christofic-436Christofic-054 My only advise is that this will be one of the most beautiful days of your life, so fill it with beautiful things and people who mean the most to you. Create a day that is about love and the beginning of your life together! You don’t have to go into debt to accomplish that, but you want to invest wisely in the things that will contribute to the beauty of your day, not take your attention away from it. 

                                                                                                                              Photographer: Hughston’s Photography

Caterer: Aroma Catering

Cake: Cakes By Request 

Flowers: Flower Petel’r 

Wedding Dress: Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo

Tuxedo Rental: Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo 

Hair/Makeup: Patrisa Turner, Broadway Salon

DJ: Steve Allard, TSPdj.com

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