July Purchase With A Purchase | Polaris Project

July Purchase With A Purchase | Polaris Project

July Purchase With A Purchase | Polaris Project. Mobile Image

Jul 02, 2022

We are grateful to announce July’s Purchase With a Purpose cause, Polaris Project. At Always Elegant Bridal, we are celebrating the 4th all month and reflecting on the everyday freedoms that we take for granted. We gratefully support Polaris in countering sex and labor enslavement; and their efforts towards freedom and healing for victims nationally and across the globe.

Read on to learn more about this cause and how you can help. 


Polaris is named after the North Star that historically guided enslaved people into freedom.

 Did you know that 25 million people are trafficked worldwide?

 Polaris analyzes and targets massive human trafficking systems. Here’s what they do:

1. “We respond to sex and labor trafficking as they happen.

2. We learn from that response and share that learning. 

3. Finally, we use what we learn to pilot big, new ideas for slowly, carefully, finally, dismantling big, old systems that make trafficking possible.”

Here’s how they do so:

“We are focused where we think we can make the most change: Systems that trap impoverished migrants in degrading conditions; systems that allow sex traffickers to hide behind screens and systems that, if optimized, would allow the financial services industry to use traffickers’ own money to shut them down.


-Serving victims and survivors through the National Trafficking Hotline 

-Building a dataset that illuminates how human trafficking really works, in real time. 

-Turning knowledge into targeted systems-level strategies to disrupt and prevent human trafficking”

Join the fight for freedom by rounding up on your purchase in-store,  visiting our Instagram fundraiser, or purchasing a bridal keychain!  We will donate 100% of these profits towards the Polaris fundraiser. 

Giving back is a huge priority for us, and we love that our clients have caring hearts. We love working together to make a difference in our community and in the world, and it’s all thanks to our wonderful brides and wedding parties that make it possible. Thank you for being part of our July Purchase With a Purpose program! When visiting the store, our team of stylists will ask you if you would like to round up on your purchase or if you would like to buy our chosen charity item where 100% of the proceeds will go back to The Polaris Project. With every dollar raised, our company will match it to help further support our mission to help make a difference. 

The Polaris Project has been recognized and awarded by leading evaluators such as Guidestar and Charity Navigator.


polaris project charity navigator logo

polaris project charity navigator logo

Disclaimer: we do not own any of the above photos; all images from the Polaris Website.


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