What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect wedding dress?

The most important thing for me when searching for the perfect dress was that, of course, I felt beautiful and amazing in it but also that I felt like myself. I wanted my family to like it but, most of all, I wanted to LOVE it. My wedding dress research included creating a Pinterest board and visiting David’s Bridal on a whim. I wasn’t one of those brides who knew every detail about the dress that I wanted. I knew I didn’t want strapless or a ballgown and was interested in lace. Then, on the day my family and I went dress shopping I visited two shops before arriving at Always Elegant Bridal. The moment I stepped into your shop in Yuba City and tried on the first dress I was sold! That first dress fit me so well I about died. I was tempted to just stop there but of course, I knew the moment I tried on the Allure dress I ended up with that it was the one. Absolutely stunning!!!!

What was the best personal moments of your wedding day?

Oh my goodness! This question is tough. There were so many amazing moments on my wedding day. Runners up include my breakfast waffle at the Grass Valley Courtyard Suites, feeling like a Princess at the salon in Grass Valley, putting on my dress before the ceremony, seeing my fiance for the first time that day as I walked down the aisle, the entire ceremony in general (the groom’s brother sang a song, the flower girls pulled the ring bearer down the aisle in a wagon, reading my vows was just incredible, the fact that it was up on a hill under the trees, the list goes on), and our first dance. However, I would have to say the best moment was after the ceremony when Chris and I went off to take pictures by ourselves. It was such a magical moment and I felt so content and in love right then.

Please share something that stood out on your wedding day?

What stood out? With so much happening on my wedding day, this is such a broad question. I would say that the one thing that really stood out to me what how loved I felt. It was such a great feeling to have all those people together in one place celebrating our marriage. And so many from far away! I will never have another day like it as long as I live. Something that made it even more special was the fact that my birth mother (who I met for the first time ever the night before) was present on that day. Some would say I am crazy for having her there, but I just looked at it as “the more the merrier”. She was brave enough to come and I was more than happy to have her there to celebrate too!

What was your inspiration for your wedding day and dress?

I think my Pinterest board might help describe the inspiration for my wedding day and dress. So, here is the link to it: https://pin.it/ms3smmvxr4n74j  I would say when I imagined my wedding I pictured a mix of rustic vintage and timeless classics. We knew we were going to have the ceremony and reception at Chris’s parents’ house so we got to make our fantasies come to life. One of the first things I decided on was that I was going to use books as table numbers. From there, things started falling into place. As far as inspiration for my dress goes, I always had an eye for the romantic styles. I loved low backs with buttons. I also liked dresses with interesting details. Rather than a complete picture in my mind of what I wanted, I had an idea of the style and feel of the dress then when I tried it on I just knew it was the one! It was definitely a Cinderella moment!

Any advice to future brides?

GO TO ALWAYS ELEGANT BRIDAL AND TUXEDO! You will not regret your decision. I cannot describe how amazing I felt every single time I stepped into the salon. Just go already ;).

Plan early but not too early! Use planning apps and schedules as a guideline and don’t stress the small stuff. You will have absolutes that are very important to you and that you shouldn’t give in on. But, you will also find that some things you thought were oh so important, just aren’t and that’s ok! It all comes together in the end.

Champagne is not required.

Try to plan the bachelorette party so it doesn’t fall on the Thursday before your wedding. Not always possible, but I probably wouldn’t do it again if I had to do it over.

Enjoy every moment of the day because it goes by so fast!

Also, it’s normal to feel a bit sad the days after it’s over. All that build up and that’s it!?! That’s what I was thinking. Try to relax (easier to do if you go on a honeymoon right away) and enjoy opening all your wedding presents!

Speaking of wedding presents, create a registry because people WILL buy you gifts. Don’t be shy.

Finally, trust your intuition. It’s yours and your fiance’s day. As long as you are both happy that’s all that really matters.


Venue: Ring Residence in Grass Valley
Planner: My mother-in-law and myself (Ohhhhhh, another tip: get a day of coordinator at least!)
Invitations: Shutterfly
Alterations: Sew Bliss