Their “Love” Story…

Andre and I met one morning at the mall here in Yuba City, California. To make a very long story short, we were introduced by his cousin who was my co worker and quickly became friends. I always give Andre such a hard time for taking SO many months to make a move, but in hindsight, I love that we developed such a deep friendship before anything more transpired. It took many months of texting, phone calls, late night food runs, hangouts, and life events, for him to finally kiss me but when he did, it was nothing short of a fairy tale

Life took a big turn after months of dating.  Andre began suffering from grand-mal seizures and soon was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 38 years old. This was such a trying, emotional and hard time for us both, but I know our friendship foundation kept us strong and smiling through all of the hard days. We searched months for a diagnosis only to come up short with no real answers. Numerous medication trial and errors before finally seeing relief months and months later.  Epilepsy for him will take a life long monitoring but we are thankful for modern medicine and its ability to give us some life back.

Many people may think that this was the turning point, the moment when you “just know” that you two are meant to be together, but that would take years for us. See, Andre and I dated almost 9 years before we got married, and 8 years before we got engaged. But, I know we don’t regret any of those years we spent building our life. Finishing college for me, beginning new careers, and taking care of family were extremely important to us. These years molded us, created a love and a bond like nothing we have ever known. Literally becoming and staying the absolute best of friends with the bonus of falling in complete love with one another. We always say the word love isn’t enough, there has got to be a word that is more than love. The feelings and bond we share is more than the word everyone else uses. We say “I love you 3”, just because that’s always more than “I love you too”.

When it came time to propose he wanted us to “ring shop” together. I remember the day vividly when he sent me a little text saying “Lets go to Shane Co and ring shop on our next days off “. I was like a little school girl sitting on our couch at home, almost in tears.  I immediately text my best girl friend and gushed in excitement, we both couldn’t believe that after all this time it was going to happen. We actually picked out my ring together, though he did all the proposing on his own about 2 months later in our sweet little home one evening. His words are something I will ever forget.

We knew we wanted to have a larger wedding, nothing too small because it was most important for us to have every person we love there. We spent the next year and a few months planning our special day and on September 9,2017 we were married in the presence of every person we love. The number 9 is a very special number to us, we are forever connected to. So 9/9/17 was a perfect wedding date in our minds.  Marrying your best friend isn’t just in movies, its real life. I always say my dream came true, but its the truth, dreams can come true.

What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect dress?

I wanted my dress to be classic. I wanted him to love it, Plus, I want to look back years down the road and not regret for a second the choice I made. It was perfection.

What was the best personal moments of your wedding day?

A prayer was spoken during our vows by our pastor friend who married us, and those words are some we treasure. Faith, and having Jesus as the center of our marriage is something we both hold tightly to, so his words were so heartfelt. My girls did a rendition of the movie Bridesmaids during a toast for us and we all got up and sang the Wilson Phillips song “Hold On” from the movie it was epic. Andre didn’t have a traditional bridal party of friends, but rather his three grown children stood by his side as we spoke our vows. He is a man who adores his children so to have them by his side as we promised forever was incredible.

Since Andre’s children are grown (and a couple have families of their own now)  we actually have grandchildren and each granddaughter was a flower girl for us, and our ring barer was our grandson. Lastly we had a photo booth, gifted to us from my maid of honor and it was a ton of fun for everyone. We actually took the pictures from it to make our wedding guest book!

Please share something that stood out on your wedding day?

The love in the room stood out. Like you could feel it . Our family and friends were there sharing the most love, smiles and joy I have every experienced.

What was your inspiration for your wedding day and dress?

My inspiration was really simplicity with pops of color. My color pops were a raspberry and gold.

Any advise to future brides?

My best advice is to just love every minute of it. The good, the tough and hold on to every moment of the actual day you can because it goes by WAY TO FAST

The talented wedding professionals involved in creating this beautiful day:
Wedding Dress: Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo, dress designed by
Caterer  Special Times Catering. {Mindy is phenomenal. Though not technically a wedding planner, she is worth every penny because from start to finish she and her staff made every moment of our day incredible. People are still talking about the food.}
Desserts: Cupcake Magic
Seamstress: Brandy Handwork, Sew Bliss