Their love story…

The one thing that Logan and I say all of the time is that God had the other in mind when he created us. With that being said, I like to say we met by chance. I worked at The Pour House for a long time and one of my coworkers was desperate to introduce me to a guy that had just moved to Chico. He told me he played baseball with him growing up in Bakersfield (I know “ew”) and that he thought we would hit it off. I blew him off for a while but eventually gave in. We ended up texting for about a month before we met because when I finally gave in he was of course out of town for the Summer. He ended up coming home early so that we could meet in person. The day of our first date, I had to work that evening so we decided on a lunch date. I was so nervous all morning I am pretty sure I was ready an hour early sitting on my couch. I had this weird (what I thought was romantic and cute) idea that I wanted to wait to hear his voice until we met. He came to pick me up and he couldn’t find my house, we were texting back and forth and finally he got fed up and called me. I am pretty sure I answered the phone “REALLY?” because I had waited this whole time to hear his voice in person and right before I was about to, he calls me. I just had to laugh. We went on our lunch date, ate Jons & Bons in Bidwell Park, and ended the afternoon with dancing in my living room. From that day we have been absolutely inseparable.

Logan completely surprised me when he popped the question. We talked about getting married fairly early on but we were both in school so I wasn’t really thinking it would happen that soon. One of our favorite pass times is shooting. One night that his parents were in town we went to the range. We went out of the range to check out our targets and his mom (she had no idea what was happening) said, “what does that say on your target?” “Oh my god!”. I was so confused and flipped over my target and it said “if you promise to have my 6 (my back) forever turn around.” ). It is completely cheesy and cute because he is a police officer. I looked like an absolute dork when it happened I still had my eye and ear protection on but it was absolutely perfect. Very us.

What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect dress?

Honestly the only thing I knew that I wanted was lace. Besides that I was pretty open. Working at Always Elegant Bridal had taught me to never write off a certain style or fabric until you try it. The amount of times I have been styling a bride and they say that they absolutely don’t want something they almost always end up with it. For me for example I “knew” I didn’t want a strapless dress…and guess what I got…a strapless dress. I am bustier so nothing strapless ever works for me. But little did I know that wedding dresses are constructed much better than normal day to day clothing, go figure. The most important thing to me about finding the right dress was that I wanted to feel beautiful.

What was the best personal moments of your wedding day?

Defiantly saying our own vows was the most special and personal moment of the wedding. Leading up to the big day everyone had told me they were so excited because Logan was going to cry like a baby. He is usually the most sensitive between the both of us. Fast forward to the day of… I slept like a baby, wasn’t stressed the entire day, was good during the first look, and then BAMB! As soon as everybody stood up and the music changed I was a complete wreck. I surprised myself and in turn was laughing/crying down the isle haha. We also opted not to read what our officiant was going to say so that we would have genuine reactions on the day of. So between our amazing officiant and our vows, pretty much everyone was balling.

 Also a VERY personal touch was our main desert. My family makes donuts every year around Christmas time. We make dozens and dozens of donuts and make little gift packages for our friends and family. This tradition started with my grandma and great grandma. During the depression they would make these donuts and my grandma would sell them door to door for 10 cents per dozen. My grandma has kept up the tradition with her moms’ recipe, but instead of selling them we give them as gifts. What is even more special is that we made and exception and made them in September for the wedding (we usually do it early December). It is quite the production so the fact that my family was willing to do it twice was amazing. To top off how special it was, my grandma still had a couple of the original donut machines from her mom that have been repaired over and over throughout the years, and unfortunately they were a part of the Camp Fire and no longer have the machines. So the fact that we got to do them one more time with those machines is very special.

Please share something that stood out on your wedding day?

First and foremost just the amount of love that we felt the entire day was unreal. But the best part, and I’m sure others would agree, was that Logan surprised everyone with doing a little “garter dance”. A little background on my now husband. He is fairly reserved and usually doesn’t like doing things that are potentially embarrassing. Adding to that he has total white boy moves, and to top it off he doesn’t drink so it’s not like he could have had a little liquid courage before doing it. NOBODY was expecting it. He danced to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and absolutely killed it! Looking back at the photos of him dancing everyone in the background is either in the air screaming or dying laughing. After he was done you would have thought the guy just hit a grand slam in the world series. Everyone rushed the dance floor and tackled him. I will never forget it.

What was your inspiration for your wedding day and dress?

My inspiration was just classic, clean, vintage, classy campfire feel?? It’s hard to put into words. I just wanted everything to feel timeless, for everyone to feel like family, and of course for everyone to have fun. We both have a very “old school” way about us and we wanted that to come through in our wedding.

Any advice to future brides?

 First I would say, if possible, plan a good amount of time in advance. We had about a year and eight months to plan so it never really felt stressful. Until like the last week. It allowed for us to save money and not put anything on credit cards. I also feel like spacing it out makes it kinda fun, you get to look forward to checking off another box the next month.

The second is easier said than done. I am a control freak with trust issues. But i was well organized so that the day of I was able to relinquish control and enjoy this amazing day. There will always be hiccups but I will let you in on a little secrete…nobody will notice…. As much as you think those tiny details matter (at the time they do) your guest won’t think twice if you forget something.  Basically set yourself up for success so you don’t stress! Good life motto in general! Also trust your bridal stylist! Try the “Wild Card” dress! And don’t be afraid to speak up!

The talent that was behind their special day:

Photographer Emma-Matt-King Photography | Venue Bella Rosa Farm | Wedding Dress Always Elegant Bridal | Cake/Dessert Homemade Family recipe donuts | Florist North Bloom | Caterer Hunter Drake Catering | DJ/Music Ryan Fabian | Rentals Chico Party Rentals | Invitations Minted | Men’s Attire Always Elegant Bridal | Bridesmaids Always Elegant Bridal