Their love story…

On July 4th 2017 Cammeron arranged a scavenger hunt for me! After drinking my morning coffee outside like usual, I came In to find my first clue! I was running around like crazy trying to figure out Where he was. But little did I know, he wasn’t even home! The last clue said “get dressed and meet me at “our spot” , which was a bench next to the lake by our house! I hurried to get myself together and drove to the bench! When I got there, He had my dog Blue with him, and he was down on one knee! He asked me to spend forever with him and without hesitation, I said yes!

What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect dress?
The back! I wanted something lace with a low, open back! And of course something comfortable!

What was the best personal moments of your wedding day?
Seeing my husband for the first time! All my nerves went away as soon as I locked eyes with him! It was like no one else was there but us, it was perfect! 

 Please share something that stood out on your wedding day?
The father daughter dance! I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and I wanted to do something special to show him how much he means To me! It was so hard to keep it a secret but we pulled it off! We had My uncles and cousins surprise him by preforming  “Daddy” by Abby Anderson while we danced!  

Any advice to future brides?  Take a breath and enjoy every little detail. It goes by quicker than you could imagine!! 

The fabulous talent behind this beautiful day includes: