Their Love Story

I met my husband Julien about six years ago at Starbucks, where we worked together for two years. I can still remember the first time I saw him. We were both newbies at this store, so we went through training together. His radiating positivy, willingness to help others and that gorgeous smile is what drew me in. It wasn’t all that easy, however, I was in a relationship and it took some time, effort and true friendship to finally steal my heart. Without realizing it at the time, Julien was exactly what I needed and have been waiting for. He is patient, thoughtful, and so much fun to be with. We started dating in March of 2013, and our life has been nothing short of an adventure since then. He proposed to me on our 4 year anniversary in New York City, it was an absolute dream. A year and a half later we got married in September 2018, and the adventure continues! We are so happy and blessed to create a life together and continue loving each other through all that comes our way.

 What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect dress?

I really wanted something different, not so typical. I knew I wanted lace, and every dress I tried on were gorgeous, but just not enough. I told Bree that I wanted some sparkle, and she quickly brought out the most perfect dress I could have imagined. It had lace like I wanted, with the most slimming sparkles throughout the dress, and this gorgeous rose undertone. My dress was easily one of my favorite parts of my day. It was a dream!

What was the best personal moments of your wedding day?

Walking down the aisle was my first glance of the entire day; all of the guests, the venue, and my handsome husband standing there waiting for me. It was a moment I will never forget. Dancing with my dad was a beautiful moment as well, it was something he was very emotional about and we both felt it was very special. 

Please share something that stood out on your wedding day?

– LOVE! There was so much love throughout the entire day. From all of the guests mingling and having a great time together, my husband and I feeling all of the love from everyone around us, and of course the love that was shared between the two of us on the best day of our lives. There was not one bad, stressful, unhappy moment that day. It was pure happiness and love.

What was your inspiration for your wedding day and dress?

– Being original. I wanted little details in my wedding and dress that stood out among  other brides. I wanted a lot of family representation at my wedding, like my grandmas’ handkerchief and necklace in my bouquet. I wanted to be soft, classic and beautiful.

 Any advice to future brides?

Don’t stress on the details! I know everyone says that and it sounds crazy. But the only things that really matter are your husband, your guests, and maybe getting some good pictures to remember the day.

Wedding Dress: Always Elegant Bridal & Tuxedo {Thank you, Bree! You have all been so amazing. You have such a wonderful crew, Gabby and Brandy were a joy to work with and truly made me feel like a princess every time I was in the store. Thank you for everything!}
Cake/Dessert: Cakes by Request
Florist: The Wishing Corner
Caterer: Stephen Bell 
DJ/Music: Owen Sparks (Barns at Willow Creek)
Bridesmaids: Lulu’s
Seamstress: Sew Bliss