What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect wedding dress? 

That it felt like me and was comfortable.

What was the best personal moments of your wedding day?

Doing a first look (it gave us some intimate time together with just each other before we had 110 people watching us),moments right after our ceremony with our closest family, taking a minute or two a couple times throughout the day to make sure my groom and I took some time to step back and watch what we put together.

Please share something that stood out on your wedding day?

The weather was somehow perfect in between many days of not so perfect weather. And how much I actually enjoyed myself (a lot of people said it would be a blur and I wouldn’t remember a lot, but I really do and it was so much fun!!), how amazing our day of coordinator was…seriously…she made our day so special and we felt protected with her and her team there! The food and cake were also spectacular!! 

What was your inspiration for your wedding day and dress?

Wedding day: Eclectic and casual. LOTS of color and fun things! We had yard games off to the side which made it fun and enjoyable to our guests, and a little less formal, we didn’t want a super formal day.

Dress: same, something that looked like my style and that I could boogie in 🙂 

Any advice to future brides?

Get a day of coordinator, step back and watch everyone having fun and do that with your groom, take mental pictures, and don’t rush. Also, get a photographer with personality and make sure they’re fun and flexible, you’ll be with them a lot that day so you should be comfortable with them. Don’t expect everything to go perfectly, there will be things that go wrong but in the end it will be perfect to you! Dance!!!! Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t get around to say hello to every single one of your guests, it’s difficult and you won’t enjoy yourself if you put that pressure on yourself, just do your best!

The talent behind the day:
Photographer – Permanent Glimpse Photography; Auburn, CA (Marie Clark)
Venue – Private Family Residence 
Cake/Dessert – Cakes by Micki (Micki Brubeck)
Florist – Heirlooms and Blooms (Emili Robles and Susan Daddow)
Planner – CES Weddings and Events (Jodi Drysdale)
Caterer – Cilantros (Antonio Villagomez)
DJ/Music – DJ Benjamix (Ben Salcido)
Rentals – Celebrations
Invitations – http://www.embroscreative.com/ (Jefferson Miller – Groom’s brother)