Dale & Lindsay’s Love Story

The night I met my Mr. Forever was not your typical love at first sight scenario. It all started at The Crazy Horse Saloon in small town Chico, Ca. We met through mutual friends with a mutual desire to have a few drinks and swing dance. At the time, I had no idea this tall, slightly loud and rambunctious man would 3 years later be my husband. My initial impression of him was not the best. His first attempt of complimenting me started out somewhere along the lines of  “Most red heads are ugly…..” No but? You know, the continuation of a compliment? He unknowingly left his charm with his last drink and forgot to finish his sentence. Taken off guard, my girls and I left and decided we wouldn’t hang out with those cowboys anymore. Low and behold six months later, we ran into each other yet again at the good ol’ horse. Dale apologized a million times over and asked if I’d give him one dance. I reluctantly agreed, and thank God I did. I quickly found myself being swept away with every passing song, and the rest is history. #ohhappykirks

What was the most important thing for you about finding the perfect dress?

            This is actually a hard question; I thought I found the perfect dress on pintrest (of course) and so I didn’t think about it much. I planned all kinds of things before dress shopping all because I was set on my pintrest photo. When I got around to trying that specific dress on IT WAS HIDIOUS.  I was freaking out to say the least. But luckily the amazing team at AE bridal did all the work for me. Gabby and Bree at the Yuba city store took so much time in choosing different styles and beading to help me find the perfect fit. Brianna and Connie at the Chico store dressed all my bridesmaids and altered mine. So the most important thing about finding my dress was the team that stood behind me.

What was the best personal moment of your wedding day?

            Dale and I got married at Willow Creek Events in their beautiful new white barn.  Traditionally, a bride gets to have her daddy walk her down the isle. My dad unexpectedly passed away 2 years ago, so naturally my biggest fear was getting through that moment by myself. Standing behind those large barn doors, I swear my heart was going to break out of my chest. As the doors flew open, I knew that was my queue to go.  As everyone stood up to look at me, my Mr. Forever started walking up the isle to meet me.  With tears of joy and relief rolling down my face, we walked down the isle, hand in hand. In that moment I was whole again.

Share something that stood out on your wedding day.

            Love. Love stood out.  What I mean by that is I surrounded myself with people that loved me, loved my husband, loved their job, and loved their contribution to our big day. Take time when you choose your vendors, who’s in your wedding party, or whom you invite etc.  If you choose wisely, the energy you feel is unbelievable.

What was your inspiration for your wedding day and dress?

            I wanted a classy wedding for sure. I see my Mr. Forever in jeans and boots everyday, which trust me ladies is quite a sight, BUT when he’s dressed up it’s a whole new level of dreamy.  We chose steal blue and navy for the main colors: 1. Because it’s Dales favorite color and 2. Because I loved the silver accents to compliment an icy yet early spring wedding.

The dress. Well we already know now my story of naivety with the pintrest photo. After my perfect dress idea crumbled, I went dress shopping multiple times, with people and without. I finally ventured into Always Elegant Bridal at the Yuba City store location with my Maid of Honor. I knew I wanted a mermaid or trumpet style, but other than that I had no clue. Gabby had just put a beautiful David Tutera dress on the manikin full of silver lining and jewels. I thought to myself that’s too much for me, but I did like it.  After at least 5 dresses, Gabby took that over the top David Tutera dress off the manikin and said JUST TRY IT PLEASEEEEEE. So naturally I did. As I walked out of the dressing room, before I saw myself, I saw their eyes light up! As I turned towards the mirror, I saw the tiny teardrop crystals and the scalloped lace edge. I was sold. My next appointment, I brought the crew for a dress reveal and my search was over. Gabby was my inspiration!

Any advice to future brides?

            My biggest piece of advice would be to ENJOY the hiccups and the strides. During this process money is tight, stress builds up, or so and so canceled last minute. Whatever comes your way, good and bad, try to remember that all this excitement and effort is not just for one day even though it feels like it. Your wedding day is the first building block of your new life with your person. It goes so fast. Don’t let this day or life pass you, so breathe a little deeper, and enjoy the ride while it’s still yours. I now live vicariously through all my other friends getting married, helping and organizing where I can. The goal is not to get married, but to stay married.



Photographer – Sarah Tamagni Photography

Hair- Brittney Ritchie at Two22 Salon

Makeup- Makeup by Mrs. Kirk

Videography- Trent Galbrith of Chico, CA

Floral- Kristen Brown of Willow Creek Events

Instrumentals Ivory & Steel of Napa Valley

Venue-Willow Creek Events, Browns Valley, CA ( Barns at Willow Creek) 

Cake/Dessert- Cakes by Request, Yuba City (red velvet and white cake) 

Planner- Yours Truly and the owner of Willow Creek Events, Kristen Brown

Caterer- Marcellos in Yuba City

DJ/Music- Owen Sparks through Willow Creek Events

Invitations- Shutterfly 

Men’s attire- Mens Warehouse

Wedding Dress- Always Elegant Bridal, designed by David Tutera for Mon Cheri

Jewelry- Always Elegant BridalDavid Tutera Embellishments 

Shoes- Vince Camuto 

Bridesmaids- Always Elegant Bridal, Dessy Group