Often couples quickly select their colors for their wedding without giving it much creative thought.  Here are few of this next seasons hottest colors according to the knot.

Mix up textures for place settings that guests will remember. Top a frosted, colored plate with a shimmery place card holder. A coating of spray mount and a roll in glitter help this lemon sparkle. Keep the place card simple, but let the centerpiece shine...

Shades of green and yellow may take you back to the 60’s but its a bold new color scheme for the 2010 wedding season. Think of it as lemon yellow and lime green that adds zest to your overall wedding design. A bold arrangement of cymbidium orchids, roses, calla lilies and ranunculus in a stark-white, square vase livens up any table.

Black is white’s most dramatic accessory. Add texture to a solid white tablecloth with an unexpected layering technique. Also think about doubling up: Work a modern, graphic fabric with a solid black runner. Then complete the picture with coordinating nap...

Who doesn’t love the classic black and white (or black and ivory)? Its timeless and just think what bridesmaid isn’t going to look amazing in a little black dress, right?? I actually did this for my wedding over 6 years ago and even though it was not a trend then it was beautiful! For the centerpiece, skip the flowers (just this once) and stack cake stands in the center. Offer guests a sweet takeaway with homemade snowballs.

Add a little twist on the classic black and ivory and add a little lime green! It was the added touch that makes it your own. A dark lace wrap is an unexpected addition to dainty anemones.