Precious Silver

Shiny fabric leaves (actually appliques snipped from a ribbon) transform a classic white assortment into a glamorous wintry display. The wired leaves frame one edge of the cone-shaped bouquet and are mixed in among fresh flowers — miniature calla lilies, Scabiosa, Delphinium florets, and lilies of the valley. Sterling-silver beads on wire stems are also inserted here and there. Sequined ribbon forms a band around the stems, and tendrils of silver ribbon drift over it.

Flecks of Gold

In a gilded cascade, beaded florets, strung by hand, glint like tiny holiday lights amid Cymbidium orchids, Bupleurum, Gloriosa lilies, and ‘Lady’s Mantle’; velvety gold-tipped cockscomb lend their own luster. The stems are wrapped in a wide gold band of satin ribbon and adorned with "something old": a star-like rhinestone brooch.

Domed Nosegay

Mixing olives on silver-green branches and black ivy berries with Ranunculus gives this domed nosegay a loose, romantic feeling. The striped ribbon is pinned to a wide band.