I love when brides take details from their gown and place them throughout the wedding. Often forget this small detail which amazes me because its the small details that make the entire event complete and something your guests will never forget. These photos are apart of Martha Stewarts Wedding Idea of the Day. For all “Get the How- to” by clicking on the links below the photo. And let these ideas inspire you to be creative on your wedding day.

Napkin Rings

Straight-edged and simply presented, the lace napkin rings strike a modern note. Our napkin-ring clip art can also be used to dress up favor boxes as seen in the next slide.


When printed on translucent vellum in soothing colors, lace appears even dreamier and more ethereal than it already is. To make square luminaries beautiful enough to be centerpieces, we simply magnified the lace pattern. Placed in a row, with no extra flourishes, the presentation positively glows with sophistication.

Organdy Corsage

An organdy corsage looks beautiful with an added lace flower that was printed on heat transfer paper and then ironed on to fabric.

Shoe Clips

Make shoe clips with the same heat transfer on fabric method.

Delicate Lace Cake

The beauty of this cake is punctuated by the purity and simplicity of one giant flawless rose perched on the top. The white tiers are decorated with confectionary bands inspired by the lace of a bridal gown.