Having color is not always the answer for an elegant wedding. This color can dazzle in so many ways, so why just have your gown in white?!? The below ideas and more can be found on Martha Stewart Weddings.

Sweet Relief

It sounds like the word for a sphinx’s riddle, but anaglypta is actually the name of an embossed wallpaper the Victorians used to mimic costlier pressed plaster or tin. These days, it makes an easy centerpiece when affixed to flower-filled cylinder vases in varying sizes. Cut the paper — available in many motifs (ours are from FYHome) — to cover the vase, overlapping slightly. Wrap the piece around the vase, securing both ends with strong double-sided tape. Flowers by Naomi deManana.

All-White Buffet

A menu of tempting hors d’oeuvres and desserts, continuing your all-white theme, is perfect for a casual reception