Invites that make your guest say “WOW” when they receive them! Of course you as the bride are the star for your day but allow your wedding invitations to be a close runner up. Select a design that makes a bold  statement about your love and your wedding day. I encourage you to think in two’s (kind of symbolic don’t ya think?) Add some color by doing  two-color fonts, envelopes lined in a bright color or pattern, or an unique wedding motif or monogram. Also try to think non-traditional with the design colors which will add interest to your over all design. You might want to skip all the individual inserts, this could cut on costs! Something we all have to do right now.


Check out our Diva invitation, its perfect for “what’s in”!

Because who wants to receive an overstuffed envelope? Even the most glamorous brides are eco-conscious and are choosing to nix the wasteful paper inserts; now they’re directing guests to their wedding Web sites for all the extra info.