1. The Customized Wedding

Couples are skipping traditional styles in favor of individualized themes that truly represent them. Whether it is a favorite pastime or hobby, sports team, or a custom monogram to personalize their event, couples are taking those extra steps to stay true to their vision.


2. "Cake" Pops

Cake pops are the newest & trendiest desserts around! Cake pops are decadent little cakes on a stick covered in a rich chocolate coating and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

3. Sophisticated Elegance Returns

It’s back to basics with elegant, sophisticated style in 2011. Wedding decor will be simple and understated, with modern design elements trumping DIY touches. Scripted calligraphy, custom monograms and classic wedding cakes embody this trend. Brides will wear pearls, and grooms will ditch the Converse in favor of more tasteful wedding day kicks.

4. Outdoor Venues—Where It’s At

Couples tying the knot in 2011 will gravitate toward outdoor ceremony and reception venues. The raw, minimal backdrop of an outdoor setting leaves room for personalization and customization, a major perk for creative, hands-on nearlyweds. Lakeside venues, vineyard locations and spaces situated alongside sprawling mountains will dominate, and they’ll be spruced up with personalized touches that represent the bride and groom. You’ll find some serious outdoor weddings inspiration in our real weddings blog category!

5. Alternative registries

Registering for help with your honeymoon, a down payment on a house, or even for a charity that’s close to your heart continues to gain in popularity. And we’re starting to see more registry options, like the Registry Stop, that let you register online or on your phone at your favorite traditional stores, as well as your local mom-and-pops.