If you haven’t noticed, I love the world of weddings! I am surrounded by the madness every single day and often I am asked, “how do you do it all?” My answer is, passion. Through the years, I have discovered this inner desire that is filled with a tremendous amount of passion for the industry and most importantly my clients.
Last week I wrote about bridal gowns which is natural because I am an owner of a bridal boutique. This week I am turning my attention to invitations. I know no big surprise there either, since I am the owner of Wedding Tulle, where I focus on the uncommon bride who wants to add a little flare to the details of her wedding. This year’s wedding invitations are all about innovation and personalization-which I LOVE. With more and more attention paid to personalizing every wedding detail, designing an invite that will stand out can be challenging, but don’t let that stop you in having fun with the task. I have compiled some of the newest twists on the latest trends. I encourage you to push the envelope, so to speak, with one of these outstanding ideas that I will be sharing over this week. So please come back and read what I will be sharing.