I have to tell you about this! My two very close girlfriends have been talking about it for months and we have decided to do it. Just wait because this is crazy coming from a bridal shop owner but what the heck! If you can’t have some fun with the most important piece of clothing in your entire life then something is wrong! Just bring it to my shop for cleaning and preservation afterwards. It’s about creation, not destruction.
Four of us girls are going to trash it on Oct. 14th! We are going to get it dirty. It’s possibly going to muddy! It will be drenched in the water. Completely trashed! But of course with style and a lot of fun! If you haven’t heard of this then you have to check out http://trashthedress.wordpress.com/why-trash-the-dress/.
Have your photographer submit a few sample pictures and and optional story of how and why you trashed your dress! Of course, the photographer will need to give us permission to publish the pictures. Check back for our trash photos!