Here is my friendly tip of the week. I am asked all the time what to do for a wedding gown that accidently had red wine spilled on it during the reception and today I came across this product “WineOFF” and I think every bride should have it in their “wedding day emergency kit”.

According to their official website “Using our advanced formulas of friendly bacteria and enzymes, WineOFF lliterally “eats” the stains, leaving your wardrobe, table linens, rugs and carpeting spotless. WineOFF attacks organic stains using an army of billions for every drip, spill or splash! Made with biodegradable ingredients that are nature-based and non-toxic, WineOFF is safe to use around people and pets and environmentally friendly too. No “oxy-powered” (peroxide) components or other bleaching agents, no toxic alcohol, and no harsh detergents are used in our unique approach to stubborn stain removal.”