Last year I came across this designer and feel in love with her designs. At Bari J. they have a simple goal: to create vintage inspired handbags and accessories for modern women. Their handmade fabric handbags were created to have a look and feel that evokes a sense of memory and history. While doing so, they’re totally aware that you have to actually wear your handbag in the 21st century.

They’ve created a line filled with shapes and fabrics inspired by the past that also have a completely modern feel. Each Bari J. piece is uniquely adorned with a vintage or vintage inspired accessory, and they cater to your busy lifestyle with durability and conveniences for meant for today. Here a few favorite pocket books of mine. Any of her designers would make for a perfect bridesmaid gift! And to save a little on your purchase look for the coupon below!

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Lizzie Pocket in "Full Bloom" Fuchsia Pussywillows

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Lizzie Pocket in "Full Bloom" Green Cherry Blossoms

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