What woman doesn’t love a beautiful gown? I am a believe that every woman has this inner want to be glamorous in our own way. I will just say…if I could dress up everyday of my life like these beautiful women I would!Missing the red carpet to any award ceremony is a crime in my world. Each of these gowns I can see surfacing in the bridal or prom scene. And for that, I always need to be on top of my game. These are a few of my favorites…

This red carpet, I saw soft fabrics with delicate details and small trains to add a little drama. As for colors, of course you can never go wrong with navy or black, but I love the cream ivories and shades of rose.

The elegance of strapless will never lose its timeless look but who doesn’t adore the one shoulder look? Even though I didn’t select any as my top favorite I saw heavy beaded gowns that brought a touch of shine to each that wore it.