With the new year fast approaching the health nut inside of us is screaming to come out! Not to mention the inner bride who wants to fit in a size smaller gown. I have found something that is truly wonderful! The water aisle at the supermarket is more crowded than ever. So many choices, so many incomprehensible, polysyllabic ingredients that seem awfully processed.

What’s the Real Deal? Here’s a hint. Look for the one that says, “drink water, not sugar.” Its all-natural ingredients are water plus the pure essence of your favorite fruit, veggie or herb – no sweeteners, preservatives, calories or artificial anything. Oh, and it’s the one named Hint water.Your Nutritionist Would Approve! Kara Goldin launched San Francisco-based Hint in 2005 because she couldn’t find something flavorful, simple and sugar-free in the water aisle for herself and her children. Hint is sold at specialty markets, grocery stores, fine spas, hotels and online at http://www.drinkhint.com/.