It has been a goal of mine to feature an invitation design by “yours truly” weekly but making the time has been a struggle for me. So today I woke up and said to myself “ Self since I haven’t been able to squeeze in a 25th hour in the 24 hours I have been given…so I am going to face the music and own it’”. So this leads me into introducing you to our weekly “Stylish Papery” blog post.

My client came to me over a year ago to help pick out her wedding dress here at Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo. As we got to know each other she learned I had my hands into everything when it comes to weddings. She asked me to design her wedding stationery and how could I resist. She provided me with some details and allowed me to design from there.


We wanted her invitation to feel like a little gift when her guests received it. This bride was definitely a sister of  mine from another life because she insisted that crystals be added to every little detail as possible. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life!?!  IMG_9133

This invitation suite include a directional and accommodation card which accompanied a RSVP card. Each card had an element of design that made each their own and allowed the overall design flow throughout.


We designed a unique RSVP card that allowed the guests to give advise to the couple (see below). What a great idea! The bride is then going to put them in a scrapbook to look back on.

In marriage, always ensure that you __________________..
make sure to give one another _______________ and never
_______________. it is important to complete _______________
__________________together. remember to tell each other
_______________________________________everyday and never
go to bed without________________.


I hope you enjoy my designs and color inspiration.  And until next time…

Photos by: WiNKS Photography