I see every body type you can imagine walk into my shop and I am asked what dress looks good on everyone (tall, short, skinny, heavy whatever it may be). It is very easy for me to select a few to show the desperate wedding party on the hunt for the perfect maids dress. In reality though, getting them to trust my input or opinion can be a challenge. There are some dresses out there that look great on all body types. However it is a personal thing because we all see our body differently.


I am part stylist and part therapist, most often my brides refer to us as their “fairy god mothers”. More often than none, the bridal party appointment can be a very emotional one. One maid could love the dress and feel great and the other says it makes her feel fat and ugly (good lord we can’t have that! ). It is my goal to have every woman leave my shop feeling absolutely amazing. Because when they are walking down that aisle if they do not feel pretty in their dress it is all over their face! We have all been there.


These two bridesmaids dresses are by Belosie and they are now on their “best seller” list and that screams to me as a successful dress for a majority of body types. I have sold both of these gowns numerous of times and I have never been let down.

There is no substitute for the care and quality service you will receive when purchasing a Belosie (Jasmine) bridesmaids dress from one of the authorized retail locations (link here to store locator).

Because Jasmine wants you to receive the best in quality and service, they do not allow their gowns to be sold online. If you purchase online, they will not be able to back the product, nor are you guaranteed that you are buying an authentic Jasmine gown. If you are using one of our authorized retailers you can rest assured that you will receive a beautiful quality gown(s). If you purchase online, you are taking a huge risk as to what you might actually receive.

To look at the line and colors visit Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo, located in the Hillcrest Plaza in Yuba City.  To make an appointment with one of our stylist email us at design@weddingtulle.com