I love a good party! And I am known for going a little overboard with them but why not, right? If you are celebrating something dear to your heart then make the details special and memorable.


Today I am moving away from weddings and celebrating my other love in life, my sweet Hudson. I can not believe he is 3. It seems like I was just accepting the idea I was pregnant (which if you know me it came to me as a complete shock!). I had no idea I was capable of loving another person the way I love this little guy.


So now on to part details because I am all about the details! So it’s no secret that I love paper and the endless design options! With the help of many talented friends (carey and brianne) I came up with this “Thomas the Train” inspired party invitation. It definitely took every piece of my being to do a “Thomas” party but I would do anything for my little “Huddles”.   


As guest arrived to our “ Hudson Express Station” they were greeted with train tracks that traveled throughout the house. Hudson loved them! I think they stayed up for at least a week.


We used black electrical tape and even though it was simple and a great touch it was not very kind on my floors.  Lets just say after the black tracks were pealed off we still had tracks on the floors. We had to sand and re-wax our floors because it pulled up the years of wax layers. Thank goodness my sweet husband was so loving and understanding. It will be one detail we will never forget!


Since we have every train under the sun why not display them for a little decoration. 


I am a sucker for a good birthday hat. This hat was handmade by sissy. Andrea is so talented it can sometime makes me sick! I told her what I wanted and this is what she made out of love. It was perfect!


Who doesn’t love a fun straw! I think it makes any drink taste better. Plus it’s in the details people.


I had a little too much fun with the candy bar for our guest. We had red and turquoise jelly beans, lollipops, salt water taffy, popcorn, gumballs and of course swedish fish!


These cookies were a hit! Thanks to my friend Jen who told me about her love for these holiday white chocolate fudge Oreos. It saved me a ton of time. All I had to do was drizzle red and turquoise chocolate and it was perfect, easy and delicious.


Hudson loves peanut butter & jelly sandwiches so mommy decided to make them fun for the party! Plus the kids loved them.


I was pretty impressed with myself on this hand dipped rice crispy treat. In the past I would have been up for hours making everything from scratch. It took me several years to figure it out. Now being a wife, step mother, mommy and business owner I came to terms that not everything has to be perfect and painful. It can be easy and perfect at the same time! So I bought pre packed rice crispy treats and then stuck them on a lollipop stick. Then dipped them in yummy chocolate and sprinkles. I am pretty sure they were the first things to go at the party.


So I love birthday cake and who would not love this adorable and delicious Thomas cake!  Cake designer, Angela O’Rourke made this for us and as long as she is willing to take on my crazy design ideas I will keep requesting her! Make sure to follow her facebook page for other cake designs.


I was lucky to get my dear friend to do these cake pops for me. She has been doing cake pops for me since Hudson’s first birthday party and it would be a party without them. Thank you Ashley Park! 


Having this boy smiling so much that day made it even more perfect. I usually drive all of my friends crazy when I am planning something and so saying thank you is very needed. So thank you Andrea, Brandy, Brianne, Carey, Cassidie, Happi, Jenn, and Sara. All of your help and input was greatly appreciated. Thank you Brianne with Winks Photography who took all of the amazing pictures so mommy could document her crazy detail obsession. Now onto his 4th birthday!