Well it was a given when my cousin on my husband’s side of family was getting married that I was going to throw the bridal shower. I mean if there is a party to be given, I want to do it! Ashley is a very kind soul and I knew I wanted to shower her with love this day.

IMG-032 Picture with our other amazing cousin Paulie (we are missing Robin)

Ashley demanded that the party be hassle free since she did not want to put anyone out. See what I mean about being a kind soul! In last few years Ashley and now her hubby Todd, have donated their time to saving animals and enjoy the outdoors together so I knew I wanted to bring some natural elements. Since I was assisting in the wedding I knew her colors where navy blue and lime green. So with that I created this bridal shower invitation

bridal show invite copy Bridal shower invitation will be available on our new Wedding Tulle website.

I had decided to honor the wishes of the bride to be and keep the food very simple with fruits, veggies, cheeses and sandwiches.





I think we can all agree that a party is not a party without some yummy dessert! I decided to do cupcakes because I feel they have a playfulness to them and who doesn’t LOVE a cupcake!

IMG-004 Cupcakes were made by Cake’s by Request if your not following their facebook make sure you do!


I had decided to do a marshmallow dipped in caramel and then rolled in either coconut, chopped almonds or pecans as our favor and they were a hit! Peri and Sandi at Cake’s by Request mentioned them to me so I whipped them up they day before the party…the best thing they were EASY!


As a little natural element I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and I had each guest write a message to Ashley on a rock using paint pens. I then read them out loud to the guest and of course a few giggles were shared.


The above rock was by Ashley’s mom and I think we can all agree its a perfect one.

Thank you Ashley for letting me be a part of your wonderful day. You are an amazing woman and it has be an honor watching you become who you are today.

All pictures were photographed by WiNKS Photography