I was a bride who’s dress was just average and probably looked like every other bride walking down the aisle in the year 2003. With feeling that way, my desire for each of my clients is to make sure they have no regrets with the design of their wedding dress. I am sure you watch all of those reality wedding TV shows like every other bride and with each episode I am shocked at what brides are willing to pay for their wedding dress. I always yell at the TV (like the brides can hear me) “DON’T DO IT”! I think why it drives me insane is because I know the quality of my designers and what amazing sample sales we have available to our clients. It is unreal!  So today I bring you a dress that screams fashion in its fun details.


One shoulder trumpet style netting and and satin face organza gown with a fully ruched bodice and a detailed shoulder strap.

Jasmine Collection F466 Ivory Size 8 SALE Price $460


To look at our sample sale visit Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo, located in the Target Shopping Center at 1199 Butte House Road in Yuba City.  To make an appointment with one of our stylist email us at design@weddingtulle.com

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