Hello Lovelies!! Today’s Blog is all about finding the right vendors! Think S.H.O.E.S. Ladies…..service, honesty, originality, ethics, and specialty.

When my husband Jarod and I got married I was so thankful for all of the Sara-45 loreswork that I had put in prior to our day, to find all the right vendors that fit our personality and expectations. When looking for your vendors, think about building a trust with each of them.

Vendors are there to facilitate precisely what you have in your visualization and to create an extraordinary experience for you and all who attend your upcoming affair!

If your a DIY bride remembering S.H.O.E.S. will help you when focusing on all the details of you big day.

We here at Always Elegant Bridal want to be one of your quality and professional vendors. In turn we will aid you in discovering the flawless match that will become your Band of Vendors, making your wedding day an occasion not to be missed!

Photography by: Jessica Cole Photography