For an evening wedding, a dress is one of the easiest ways to go. Whereas black used to be taboo for weddings, these days a black dress is perfect for evening nuptials, just as it is for a night at the opera. A black cocktail dress or a long, slim black dress in silk or velvet is perfect at a black-tie wedding. If black’s not your thing, think about a colorful column dress that’s classic and easy. Unless it’s a snowball wedding (where bridesmaids, mothers, and flower girls all wear white, and it is considered okay for guests to wear white), it’s generally not good form for women to wear white to weddings; in the evening or daytime. In the same vein, try to avoid off-white and ivory, if at all possible. Basically, you just want to make sure you’re not stealing the bride’s thunder. If all you’ve got is that little cream dress, put it on and look in the mirror. Will you be competing with the bride by wearing it? Use your judgment.