Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to wear to a wedding if you have never been taught or shown what is appropriate. Not to mention that there are daytime weddings, nighttime weddings, formal, informal, and semiformal weddings. Well I am here to tell you certain rules do apply, and following them can certainly make your life easier, but there’s also a certain ease that comes with disregarding the rules! So, play it by ear, and feel free to tailor what you wear to the situation and your taste.A rule of thumb for day is to dress as you would for any other social event held at the hour and during the season of the wedding. For example, if it’s a spring brunch or luncheon, a pretty suit or floral dress would be appropriate for women. Pants are fine for weddings, too and so a pantsuit, tailored trousers, or palazzo pants are comfortable as well as stylish. In the winter, velvet pants with a silk blouse would match the festive tone of a wedding, and velvet works equally well for daytime and evening.