Purple is the color of royalty and furthermore the color of excitement and fantasy. Storybooks to Mardi gras use this vibrant shade, highlighting its vast diversity. A certain savior faire is needed to integrate, involve, and surprise all your invitees. Test drive a few of these brainstorms!

Invitations jolt every event into the precise trajectory. No matter if you are planning a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or even a retirement dinner, your invites will set the tone and can assist you in communicating the theme or personality of the soirée. A simple church or ceremony locale can be jazzed up by lining the aisle in candles. Don’t worry ladies and gents they now make flameless candles so you won’t burn anyone or anything promenading down the aisle.



Flowers can intensify the personality of your affair. Using vibrant purple paired with a deep plum and light bouquet for the bride, will support you in furnishing your color pallet with depth.



Exercising the consistent color combination you can spice up your reception site with painfully dramatic table settings.  Lighting adds to your overall ambiance. The right lighting can enhance your color pallet and aid in the accumulation of a dramatic element. Neatly packed favors will facilitate and extend a thank you to your guests.


Experiment with some of these fun foodie ideas at your next bash. A blackberry cocktail or mini champagne bottles on ice will enhance the element of merriment and accessibility for you and your guests. Purple cake pops and a unique cake will supply that exceptionally innovative personal touch.



Mia Bella Designs believes in versatility, adaptability and unmatched style. We will aid you in discovering the flawless touches that will make your wedding day an occasion not to be missed! Our fondest wish is to make your wedding day a happily-ever-after.

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