Our wedding blog is back! Over the last few years, I have expanded the business (now in two locations Yuba City and Chico, California) and I am excited as the owner, to bring you a blog that shares it all (the good, the bad and the GORGEOUS). As a bride, I understand you have questions, concerns and sometimes fears (I once was a bride after all) but most importantly you are excited to be a BRIDE and we are EXCITED for you. Here I want to share, inspire and encourage you during the process of searching for the perfect wedding dress and all the details that go into it. I will be creating a space that will celebrate you and provide the words and tools you need to make finding your wedding fashion a memorable experience.

My hope is to also share our AE Bridal family (all of the brides who have said yes to the dress with us) and their wedding day with you.This to, will provide you with insight from brides who have shared in the experience. If you are an AE Bride and you are interested in sharing your wedding day with future brides please contact me and we will be in touch to get your wedding featured!