Salutations everyone! This week we are entirely about organization! Busy ladies everywhere tune in, you will want to eavesdrop! Being organized can benefit you immensely while fashioning your dreamlike affair!

Sara-45 loresFirstly generate a wedding file! As a planner I encourage each bride to commence with magazines and photos they have printed or saved to their hard drive and construct what I label a wedding book! After developing your wedding book you can then progress forward with a clear vision or blueprint for your event. Begin by making the first page in your wedding folder your checklist. The checklist should include ALL of the necessary tasks of completion, even if the task is microscopic. Weddings can become overwhelming quickly, so in order to avoid chaos take a little moment to prepare in advance. Being organized will assist you as a DIY bride in sprinkling that enchanted feeling throughout your day. If you require assistance in this area, enlist the help of a wedding planner! Your planner can piece together the tiny details to make a big statement and set you on a smooth sailing course towards perfection.

When planning my own wedding I enjoyed the time spent sitting crossed legged in my living room floor, cutting out photos and inspiration from different sources. It was time I used to absorb the thoughts and advice from family and friends. This helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings. To keep myself on the path of organization I wrote everything down: Names, numbers, e-mails, addresses, and even small details that popped into my imaginative noodle.

Here at Always Elegant Bridal we are available to aid you in the creation and flawless organization, of your affair. Whether you need some advice, a little help on wedding day, or you’re in need of full production, we are here to help create an event that will be remembered by all who attend.