This week I was inspired by a famed muse. Can you speculate whom it may be? I aspire to impart with you a distinct, whimsical, and fanciful gathering. This visualization may perhaps be perceived as a wedding, a combined bachelorette and bachelor bash, masquerade of course, or whichever festivity your psyche can dream up.

I have disclosed in the preceding, start your event off right. Engage your invitees in the intended theme so they may participate fully. Send out invitations harmonizing your concept. Adding unique touches throughout your event will add drama and excitement.

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Candles along with red and black accents enhance the whimsical element of your affair. Using votive candles designed for your place cards and enlisting guest’s assistance in transporting each candle to their seat will intensify the décor. Here there is a sneak peak of box five; you never know who may perhaps appear there.

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Flowers are influential to any occasion. Heaps and Heaps of red roses with the addition of crystals and black feathers will assist in solidifying your theme.

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Red velvet cake balls, glittery candy apples, and cherries in champagne are a slight taste of the distinctive elements that may be infused into your overall concept.


Lastly make an audacious declaration with your cake. Designate it the last note of your grand symphony; spice it up with black accents and petite jewels that twinkle in the passing candles glow.


Mia Bella Designs believes in versatility, adaptability and unmatched style. We will aid you in discovering the flawless touches that will make your wedding day an occasion not to be missed! Our fondest wish is to make your wedding day a happily-ever-after.





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