Not sure why I love ring pillows so much. Maybe because they can be tiny and elegant with a powerful delivery element of design…who knows but I adore them! And I do blog about them frequently so I thought I would express my inner love for them. Here are a few of my favorites…

Patterned Ring Pillows
Birds, linen blooms, and printed fabrics make these pillows cheerful and lighthearted. You may also find great motifs in handkerchiefs, linens, or pillowcases.

Emma Series I - Ivory Bloom and Light Pink Dupioni Silk Ring Pillow

Clean, modern, chic ring pillows from 5eizen…This Emma pillow pairs a romantic ivory Emma bloom with a luxurious light pink dupioni silk pillow. This classic pillow will be a great addition to your wedding.

All ring pillows are made with 100% dupioni silk, double faced satin ribbon and the finest of silk flowers. Each pillow measures approximately 8" square.

Custom wedding ring pillows made to match your wedding day perfectly! Each one is handmade by us in our studio. Mix and match to find the one that is perfect for you! Available on Wedding Tulle