This week I am composing my opening encounter as an event planner.  Each wedding or event is acquiring knowledge in order to grant the special attention that each client deserves.

Sara-45 loresThis previous weekend was my opening event as a wedding planner. I was exhilarated at the prospect of this event. My leading philosophy was to jump in head first! This being my first wedding I was enthusiastic and anxious, when the bride disclosed her guest list exceeded three hundred and her reception would commence at a private venue! I whispered to myself, “Ok! I can work with that”.

After meeting frequently to get details finalized for their big day, we had reached the final date! The B & G (Bride and Groom) were so delighted to witness everything come to life. I was energized when I woke that day. The day got underway running errands for my bride. Next it was off the venue for set up and deliveries. The pre-lunch deliveries were effortless and punctual. We happened upon a glitch or two during this process. It was necessary to reposition the buffet tables, after accomplishing this assignment we realized that the tables were now lopsided! Needless to say we consumed the following two hours attempting to resolve our conundrum. Then I began to assemble the escort cards, the sun was sparkling and there was not a cloud in the heavens. Except that when you’re in the vicinity of the Buttes it is ALWAYS blustery. Moments after I had prepared the escort cards the breeze carried them away. May I seize this opportunity to remind everyone that there were three hundred in alphabetical order! By this phase the ceremony had concluded and we were approximately one half hour from our first invitees descending upon us. We jolted into high gear and ramped it up. We were like flashes of lighting faster than a speeding bullet, I felt like a superhero. As our invitees commenced reaching their destination, we were on point and on time. The unsurpassed portion of the evening arose when I traveled to the head table to check on my B&G, the bride clutched my hand and the groom gripped the other and in unison they say “ Sara we love you thank you so much for being here, you are not just our planner but our friend.” This moment took the cake for me. The entire day had its ups and downs but in that split second I felt an unparalleled sense of joy. I had accomplished my mission and granted them an event to remember.

I learned in a few short hours that day, what is important to a wedding. Make the bride and groom happy number one. Second is keeping the hiccups to yourself, and lastly enjoy and rejoice in the promise of a new life together.