Last week I recall a statement that someone made about the importance of the cake. Once everyone has seen the dress what is the next “big” item on their checklist….you guessed it, its the cake.


The defining piece of jewelry from this period is, of course, the cameo. And on this elegant cake, the sugary versions are just as unabashedly sentimental, especially when they bear the profiles of you and your fiance and the message Me & Thee. Pressed into fondant using custom rubber stamps, ringed with shimmering candy pearls, and dangled from real ribbons, these adornments grace the brown-sugar marble cake with edible poetry.

"I Couldn’t Resist"

The language we use to talk about indulging in jewels and sweets — a dazzling necklace, a giant slice of cake — is nearly identical. And there’s good reason. They’re totally unnecessary (but absolutely satisfying) treats that we allow ourselves on occasion: Desserts satiate our sweet tooth and glittering gems our appetite for beauty. So why not have a wedding cake that uses your favorite jewel as muse? Mixing pleasure with pleasure may seem too hedonistic, like a step into Liberace territory, but do it with restraint and sophistication and you’ll feel as if you’ve married and gone to heaven.