Here in our boutique we are all about the discovery of the perfect location for your wedding day. You will have to muddle through heaps of suggestions and input from everyone surrounding you, nevertheless remember ultimately it’s all about the happy couple!

Sara-45 loresWhen my husband Jarod and I started looking for a venue we became weighed down with all the choices and decisions that needed to be made. So being an intelligent woman I said “let’s make a list!” When searching for your flawless venue, ask yourself “self what is important to me in a location” and write it down. It’s my personal opinion, where you conduct your event will influence numerous significant aspects of your big day. Location will prompt what time of the year you will say “I Do”, what colors will grace your pallet, what food you will serve, and essentially what you will wear down the aisle!

Stay loyal to your list of essential wishes and you will have no hitch navigating through the countless accessible options. You will be able to find and attain precisely what you desire with a modest amount of time and research.

We here at Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo wish to be of assistance in finding that ideal “dreams come true” location. With a little time and research and dash of our expertise your dream day is only around the bend.