Here at, Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo we strive to not be just another bridal store on your list to visit in hopes you find the perfect wedding dress. We believe connecting with our brides on a more personal level allows us to really become a part of something very special. We value our brides and the experience we offer is what sets us a part from other stores.

What is a Sip and See?

A sip and See at Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo is an open house of sorts- it’s a special evening designated with specific hours for our future brides, (plus their friends)! At a sip and see you can come and go any time through the evening to grab a glass of bubbly and a treat after your long day,  and look at gorgeous gowns & accessories! These events give us the opportunity to share with future brides why shopping with us is an experience all in itself. We pay close attention to detail and help you through the entire process of finding the perfect wedding dress.

What If I am not a AEBridalbabe yet?

This event is primarily created just for that bride! When selecting a business to trust with your wedding dress, you need to feel invested in. We want every future bride, who is deciding where to schedule their bridal styling appointments to visit us during our Sip and See. This gives you a chance to browse our selection or get ideas before you are ready to come in for a full bridal styling appointment and purchase a gown. We don’t suggest booking an appointment at your local AEB until you are ready to purchase- so this is a perfect opportunity to show your our store, meet our styling team, and go over any questions you may have before coming in for their appointment. We suggest appointments to better service our brides, so this is a great way to avoid having to make an appointment if you are just interested in browsing or “pre-shopping”!

If you are a past or current bride, this is also for you! We encourage you to bring your newly engaged friend or family member and show them why you said yes with us! We want to to share the love.

 Why do you suggest I hold off on an appointment if I’m not ready to purchase?

There are several different reasons we encourage you only to shop when you are ready to find “the one”, and they all center around giving you the best experience possible. Many brides don’t realize that over time, gowns currently in stock may be discontinued, sold in sample sales, or experience a price increase. If you come in to shop without the intention to find a gown, unfortunately it may not be possible for you to still order your dream dress if you wait until weeks or months later because made to order gowns can take 4-6 months to create.  We also have discovered through years of experience that “pre-shopping appointments” sound super fun and glamorous- but in actuality they often can get exhausting and the bride can leave feeling overwhelmed. Often, When a bride comes in with the intention to come back a second time, she ends up finding her dress the first go round. I always say, “You will never get this one moment back”, because you only have one “first time” getting into your gown and if you are missing your important people or not in a place to purchase it, the end of the appointment is generally all around disappointing.  We want to be sure when you come in to shop with us you can fully embrace your special moments with no hesitations!

We can’t wait to see you at our next event! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give your local AEB a call or send us an email!

We would be thrilled and honored to host you at our next Sip and See. To RSVP for our February 20th Sip and See (this event is for both our Chico and Yuba City locations) please contact us!

-XOXO, The AEB Styling Team