Sara-45 loresThis week my inspiration came from my dear father! I recognize the discovery of today’s blog topic from my dad, who loves to fish and talking hunting with my husband is weird. But… over the course of my life, he has taught me to gaze at the world in a big picture or a panoramic view. This greatly contributes to my passion for event planning. Therefore inspiration is our topic of the day.

As a bride or, if you are a party planning fairy for an upcoming event, you can derive or pull inspiration from anywhere. Your inspiration can be based on a theme such as Pirates of the Caribbean, or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Further muse’s can turn up through color, books, magazines or even a person (in my case). Whichever wish inspires you, remember there are countless selections, put your left brain to work and let those creative juices flow. After putting your dexterity and additional pieces of the wedding day puzzle together, such as: Bridal Personality, Favors, and Ceremony you will have half of your masterpiece, composition, or grand affair planned in a jiffy!

Whilst arranging our wedding I unearthed my inspiration in the pages of a bridal magazine. After assembling photographs I had removed from various locations and pasted them to the pages of my wedding book, I had created a thesis without intention. This furnished me a jumping off point to compose the rest of my fabulous affair.

If you should require any aid gearing your brain up, or you hit let’s say a creative block! We here at Always Elegant Bridal are here to lend a hand. With our knowledge and experience we can be of assistance to any bride in making a dream come true event.