I love weddings. It is special to become a part of a bride and grooms special day, for them and for their family to let you into their exclusive club for a fleeting moment. I recently experienced this feeling in abundance. And to them I am so thankful for the joy that will live on in my heart.

Sara-45 loresIt was the day of October 16. The day was exquisite and ideal for nuptials. Instantly thrilled the moment I was out the door and on my way to the venue for set-up and coordination. When I arrived I was hailed by a jovial and cheery little mob. Buzzing like bees to get the venue ready for the greatly anticipated bride and groom. The morning melted away like time was in an hourglass. We hustled and bustled our way through, simply like the little mice from Cinderella. Set up was finished and now it was time to welcome the bridal party. I have never witnessed such a delighted group; groom and groomsmen were more than punctual. Swiftly they descended down stairs to adorn themselves with their so warmly named monkey suits. Then the dazzling and also punctual ladies arrived ever so blissful, they were pictures of grace and calm. It was a steady stream of family and food for several hours.

“Fifteen minutes and counting”, I repeated in my head. It is absolutely vital to be on time. I rounded up the groomsmen and proceeded to explain their duty of ushering the guests. One of the more candid men said to me “little planner lady, there is no way we are going to be on time!” I explained to him there should be no uncertainties and secretly took this as a challenge. With a modest smile and lots of breath mints I was armed and ready to orchestrate the ceremony. I began by assembling the bridal party and delicately reassuring the bride. After a moment of calm I gave a delicate nod to our adored DJ. The symphony had commenced. One after the other executed a perfect procession down the aisle graceful and elegant. The bride sparkled with enchantment, and guests were speechless. Forty minutes later the bride and groom were taking pictures enjoying their new title and I was chasing two stray dogs off the property! Round and round we went until someone finally came to claim these ferocious beasts! One tiny chihuachua and one scruffy German Sheppard, both with identification.

I then delivered the bridal party to the reception. All was well with food and drink bestowed upon the bride and groom. Toasting and dancing fulfilled the remainder of the evening. I then found the candid groomsmen and informed him we had ended forty-five minutes early, with a big smile and booming voice he gave me a high five!

Afterward I set out to locate the mother of the groom, the woman who had appointed me and asked how everything was. She clutched me by my waist and hugged me tightly, then released and seized my two hands. With tears of joy welling in her eyes she simply declared thank you. I am so happy to have you on this day. I was overwhelmed with awe that I had granted this family a moment in time they will cherish forever.

I lingered long after my time was up, to watch the merriment taking place. Sitting in the corner at that moment I realized what an extraordinary day a wedding day is. I realized that everyone deserves joy however big or small. I will carry this with me always and remember every wedding is treasured.