I love introducing fabulous and unique ideas for brides. I came across these table number designs and I thought I would share. If you click on the photo it will take you directly to their website. Simply ask your invitation designer to design something simular so you have flow with all of your stationary. Enjoy!

~On the Rocks~

Here’s a beautiful way to weight menus at an outdoor wedding — and identify tables at the same time. For each plate, you’ll need a smooth, unpolished stone — we used Mexican beach pebbles. Add the table number with a rubber stamp and ink pad; if you make a mistake, just wipe clean. Do the stamping a day or two before the wedding so ink can dry. Scatter more stones down the center of the table to follow through on the theme.

~Message on a Bottle~

Have wine bottles do double-duty as table numbers. Cover-weight paper printed with large, graphic numerals can be adhered over existing labels with double-sided tape for a clean, contemporary look. It is a clever touch that will have guests drinking to your good fortune — and your good taste.

~On Chairs~

Table numbers hanging on chairs echo the blue-and-eyelet theme at a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina.