These gorgeous blooms are so large I am over the stop in love with them! In this case, going bigger is fabulous!

Blushing Beauties

Blousy pale tree peonies, Dutch garden roses, and charm-like bleeding hearts are made all the more vivid by the contrast of burgundy Japanese maple leaves. Tied with a silvery-brown silk ribbon, this sweet-smelling cascade exudes romance.

An Armful of Peonies

An abundant cascade of fluffy and fragrant ‘Bowl of Cream’ peonies is cradled by their giant, hearty leaves. To assemble the bouquet, arrange leaves among eight to ten flowers, wrap the bundled stems with wire, and cover with green florist tape. This ample, yet cloud-like arrangement is ready for a trip down the aisle.

Dreamy Bouquets: Beachcomber

Cybister amaryllis burst from a cluster of abundant tree peonies that are the lustrous color of seashells. Airy astilbe fringe the edges. Vintage velvet ribbon drapes below the blooms.


Festive votive candles and porcelain Asian bowls, each holding a single peony, decorate the room where the cocktail hour was held.