Finding your “Bridal Personality” as a bride is one of the very first uncharted waters that you will have to navigate.  When pondering this thought you need to think how it will affect the rest of your event. Which vendors you will select, which dress you will wear, which venue will host your day, even down to which colors will shout your style. All of these elements are tightly intertwined to make your wedding day spectacular and one that all will remember. 
    When I got engaged to my husband I started thinking of what I wanted to remember from my wedding day. That is your starting point. Consider who you are. Determine if you are modern and trendy, traditional and romantic, or are you looking for something completely different.    
Finding your “Bridal Personality” is important because it will help you have a direction to go in when designing your event. Think of what makes you unique and different from everyone and use that as an inspiration. Take whatever it is that inspires you and make it your own. 
Once your “Bridal Personality” has been unleashed it will help you in communicating to your vendors what you want. Enjoy every moment of this process it transpires so quickly. So my advice as a recent bride is embrace the moments and make them your own. We at Always Elegant Bridal and Tuxedo are here to assist you in making your day truly unforgettable to you and your guests. We are here to provide you with the knowledge and help to do so.