Today I am not writting about invitations, tulle and satin skirts or sweartheart neckline but a message of giving and supporting a friend. I have no idea if you will be effected by it or not but I hope that you will find it in your heart to read this message regarding a dear friend of mine, Mr. Ken Miller.

Ken was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in January 2006 and now has the opportunity to have a life-changing surgery called Deep Brain Stimulation — or DBS. It could change everything, but it comes with a huge price tag.

This man is very independent and finds it difficult to ask for help. Recently, while discussing this very issue with a friend, his friend gently reminded him that by not asking, he was being selfish and actually denying others the opportunity to honor him. Please take a moment and read Ken’s blog at

Donations can be made by going to home page – click on the contribute tab; enter your information, and under ‘designation’ click ‘OTHER’ and specify: Ken Miller. Its so EASY! – – – – – – – – All gifts are tax-deductible and 100% goes toward our medical expenses.

Please find it in your heart to DONATE TO THIS SURGERY. You could be a part of saving a precious man, husband, father and now grandfather.