As promised here is my part 2 to a really important question I get asked daily. So lets move on now shall we?  More often than none, a bride needs some adjusting to her dress. If a bride looses or gains weight during the  planning process due to the stress of details; trying on the gown the first time can be a little overwhelming. 


If your dress arrives and it is to big don’t be mad at your bridal shop stylist for ordering a size too big. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a bridal gown that was too small, would you? Because I have seen a lot we do have some tricks up our sleeves and we will help guide you so you have the best fitted dress possible. We want you happy and looking your best!

Something to understand is if your gown is lace or has a lot of  beading the price will increase when taking in the sides of your wedding dress. The time to undo the details of lace and beading is very time consuming and is done all by hand. This again is a talent that the seamstress has and you want to pay for good talent. You are not going to hire Wal-mart to cater your wedding are you? So not just anyone can alter your wedding dress is the point I am trying to get at.  So what does is the average cost for taking in the sides on your bridal gown? From our experience you can estimate anywhere from $50-$200.

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