This past week I came across these crystal bouquets that I think are a fabulous find for any wedding. This crystal bouquet is great for informal & destination weddings. Add sparkle and brilliance with this crystal bouquet wrapped in white silk ribbon with flowing organza streamers. Found exclusively at Crystal Allure Creations. Bouquet is ~ 8″ tall with ~ 7″ diameter. This bouquet is ready to be shipped today!

For as long as she can remember, designer Stephanie Jean White has loved jewelry -its’ sparkle, color and allure. “Every woman should have a wardrobe of jewelry. It is so powerful an accessory that it can transform an outfit, alter our emotions yet still express our individuality -all from just one piece of jewelry”. Since 2004, the unique and eclectic Crystal Allure jewelry collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind designs has continually evolved and new pieces are produced frequently, as a result, at any time the current pieces could retire and be replaced with new designs.
Note: “Photo courtesy of Crystal Allure Creations”